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Valle de la Acedia
29690 Casares - Andalucia, Spain


Things to do  

During your relaxing holiday in the villa you have a big range of things you can visit, to do or go see. The villa is a central point in the provence of Malaga. You can visit famous and traditionall Spanish places or enjoy beautifull nature trips in protected parks with stunning viewing points (miramar's). The nature and cultural inheritance of this area will overwhelm you.

For the sporty ones; their are a lot of activities to be undertaken, organised with a guide or specialist or just on your own.. You can think of Golf, horseback riding, or hiking trips. Of-course there are also spectacular things to do in the area like for example quad riding. The sea also offers a lot of sea-activities possible -only a 20 minute drive away from the house- like sailing (catamaran), diving and snorkelling, surfing, fishing, dolphin watching, water scooters, etc..
For families with children there are special booklets with places to visit with children and activities that are organized. There are many possibilities.

Further offers this area of Spain an excellent and wide range loungy beach clubs, restaurants, terraces and a late night life. The Spanish like to go out at night with the whole family and dine in the many restaurants with terraces and walk on the atmospheric boulevards. Besides the family and relaxed night life outdoors this area of Spain is also famous for its excentric and jetset night life. The ones that like to go and explore the nightlife will find many bars and clubs to go to and see the most excentric people.

Our property manager can arrange things for you up front. Like reservations for the best Golf courses, a horse ride through the beautiful nature, tickets for the wild-park, a lounge-bed in a trendy beach club and even tickets for The Alhambra (Granada) if you want to do a city-trip and don't want to wait hours in a cue.

For information or bookings in advance you can call us directly or email. Our property manager can inform you about possibilities and costs. If she works out details or schedules for you she works against an hourly rate.