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Valle de la Acedia
29690 Casares - Andalucia, Spain


Retreats and Wellness

Villa Bermeja is named after a the fabulous red mountain sierra Bermeja. The villa and its environment creates an ideal location for relaxation, healing and reconnection with yourself and the stunning nature around you.  The mountainsides and facilities in the villa support the different programmes you can design to help clients restore their natural inner balance. The wonderful heart warming people of Spain, the food and the climate may make this an excellent location for retreats.

We have several teams and specialists that have gathered experience and expertise to help you to set up you retreat. Wellness Programs and Retreats in Villa Bermeja are ready to transform lifestyles and let people experience a natural healing process with the help of a diet, relaxation, beauty, yoga, fitness practice and mental coaching. You can come with a group and design your own program with the professionals or you can bring your own program and specialists.

  • Combined with excercise, relaxing and good food the program will work at its full and you will enjoy the beautyfull nature of Andalucia. You can take a marvellous walk around one of the hidden natural wonders of the valley and mountains led by an experienced guide through the surroundings, Roman ruins and baths (Ceasar), Moran towers, local aromatic herbs and be able to try wild fruits, almonds and carobs on the way. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity to connect and experience the Andalucian nature and history.

It will be entirely up to you whether you want simply succumb to the villa’s countless charms with her surroundings or to revel in all that the coast - like its beautifull nature, Spanish food, shopping, dining and sports - has to offer. For privacy, peace and tranquillity in luxurious comfort the villa is an ideal group accommodation to organize a wonderfull retreat experience. You can bring your own staff or ask us to connect you to dedicated experts, who are focused on improving the health of an individual's mind, body and spirit.

The villa offers several rooms as treatment rooms and provides many facilities like pools, jacuzzi, sauna and fitness. The big flowerly garden offers many private places to set up treatment tents to create a very romantic and healthy atmosphere. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, references and possibilities.  



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